Josh Hart Destroyed His Keyboard In A Fit Of Rage Over ‘Call Of Duty’

There are a number of NBA players that have turned to video games as their method of choice for passing the time during the NBA’s hiatus while the majority of the country is on stay-at-home orders.

It’s not just something that can eat hours of boredom, but it’s also a competitive release for pro athletes that are so accustomed to constantly having something to compete in. They also can stay connected to fans by streaming themselves gaming, offering some entertainment to the masses and giving folks a peek behind the curtain as to what they’re like when they’re not on the court.

Call of Duty is the preferred game of many NBA players, and Slam has been putting on a weekly COD tournament featuring NBA stars squaring off with streamers and others. Josh Hart is among those that takes his gaming seriously, and was a part of Saturday night’s action, which he was initially very excited to play.

However, during the competition Hart got killed despite thinking he was behind a wall and that glitch sent him into a fit of rage, yanking his keyboard out of his PC, slamming it on the ground, and then stomping it while screaming “f*ck this game,” over and over.

This is, of course, what can happen when you have hyper-competitive people playing video games on live streams. It is a hilarious moment of rage quitting , and Hart’s teammates laughing at him over the chat makes it even better. Hopefully Hart has a backup keyboard because that one is toast, and in honesty it’s smarter to destroy the keyboard than, say, the monitor, because it’ll be cheaper to replace.