Josh Smith Drops The Hammer On OKC; Dirk Drops 40

Josh Smith might not be an All-Star but he had arguably one of the best games of his career in the Hawks’ seven-point upset of Oklahoma City. Smith did everything, including hitting more jump hooks than seemingly anyone in a game since Kareem, and murdering the league’s top shot blocker at the rim with this dunk. He had 30 and 12 and even made a trey, and put the game away late by dominating inside. There was a stretch at the end of the game with the ATL up five where the Thunder missed three consecutive threes and Smith got the rebound on every single one. But off the first miss, Smith threw it away in the backcourt, and then off the second, Jeff Teague (18 points) committed an offensive foul bringing the ball up. So finally on the third miss, Smith immediately called timeout, despite being up five with 24 seconds left and the Thunder ready to foul. Only the Hawks could pull something like that off and still walk away with a win … Kevin Durant had 35, but missed four straight threes in the closing minutes. He also put together Marvin Williams‘ funeral arrangements on an isolation move to end the first half, and had a huge third quarter finish where he dunked so hard that he could’ve been charged with assault and battery … For four or so minutes at the end of the first quarter, Durant and Tracy McGrady matched up against one another in one of those unique “What could’ve been?” moments. That’s basketball evolution right there… KD is like the second coming of what T-Mac first started, except he’s already enjoying team success and hasn’t admittedly quit on his team for an entire season. The lil’ game within the game ended when McGrady drove to the hoop, got bumped, and had to leave with what they later deemed a strained left knee … With the shot clock winding down on one Atlanta possession in the third, Ivan Johnson set up to take a jumper, and Serge Ibaka came from out of nowhere for one of the most ridiculous jump shot blocks we’ve ever seen. He sent it into the 10th row. That was one of the first times we’ve ever seen someone actually spike block a jump shot … Memphis showed just how good they can be in the fourth quarter of their 100-83 win over Detroit. Or maybe, the Pistons just showed how awful they can be. The Grizzlies turned a Piston lead into a blowout by scoring 17 consecutive points. O.J. Mayo was throwing up bombs. He hit four late threes, and even Quincy Pondexter made a triple and had a crazy reverse layup for a three-point play where the Memphis bench nearly lost their minds … Former “franchise point guard” Rodney Stuckey took 22 shots. And made six … Keep reading to hear how JaVale McGee did it again …

Dirk Nowitzki is old and content? The Big German exploded for 40 points as Dallas held off a furious fourth quarter rally from the Jazz in a 102-96 victory. Remember how everyone was on Dirk’s ass about having a down year? Dude has been money for a good minute now, and last night he needed all of 21 shots to quiet Utah’s music … After the Wizards kept giving the Cavs chances to win it, Anthony Parker‘s final pull-up three that missed sealed their fate in Washington’s 101-98 W. Jordan Crawford continued to light it up, going for 31 while John Wall added 24 of his own, winning his matchup with Kyrie Irving (20 points) … Interesting story about how Wall still holds Antawn Jamison‘s old locker (who REALLY went at his former team, dropping 29). In it is a picture of the championship trophy; Jamison left it there as a reminder for the Wizards’ new cornerstone. There’s a lot of “funny” going on here … We hope y’all saw JaVale McGee (11 rebounds, four blocks) take off in the third quarter in an attempt to go coast-to-coast. He looked more uncoordinated than a fawn on it’s first steps. At the end, the frolicking ended up with McGee on the floor and the ball out of bounds … We were really looking forward to the Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge matchup. Then it happened. Minnesota helped Portland continue their downward spiral, winning in the Rose Garden by 12 as Love destroyed LMA (14 points) with 42 points and five threes. It all boiled over in the final half of the fourth quarter, when Love connected on a three-point play in Aldridge’s face, fouling him out in the process … Dwight Howard scorched Milwaukee for 28 points. Orlando should’ve just kept him on the court for the whole 48 minutes in their 114-98 win; They looked unbeatable with the big fella out there, and functioned like a terrible horror movie with him off it (blowing most of a 17-point lead with Howard on the bench) … Danny Granger dropped 20 and the Pacers took New Orleans out into the alley and used them as punching bags, winning 102-84 in a game that was pretty much over at halftime … In college ball, it was a good thing Jordan Brand took us to the first UNC/Duke game this year because in the one last night, the Blue Devils left their games at home. An 18-1 first half run started UNC’s run of dominance that didn’t end all night in their 88-70 win. Kendall Marshall led Carolina with 20 points and 10 assists … And Aquille Carr caught ANOTHER facial. In a close game. On someone who is 6-3. Plus the foul. Thankfully, no one came running out on the court looking for dap … We’re out like T-Mac.

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