J.R. Smith Explains Why You Should Shoot The Ball Every Time You Get It

11.13.17 1 year ago 2 Comments

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J.R. Smith doesn’t need an excuse to jack up what most people would consider and untenable number of questionable shots. The crown prince of irrational confidence honestly believes that he shoots better with a hand in his face and actually prefers it, because it’s more fun.

That’s from back in 2015, so we didn’t exactly require any further rationale behind his at times questionable shot selection. That said reporters can’t help but ask him about it and his general lack of concern with the quality of a shot, because his response is inevitably going to be golden.

At shootaround at Madison Square Garden on Monday prior to the Cavs’ game against the Knicks, Smith offered a pretty airtight argument that he learned from his father for shooting the ball every time you touch it.

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