The Cavs Media Tried To Explain LeBron’s Instagram Meme To J.R. Smith After Practice

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LeBron James is Mad Online and he posted the appropriate meme to express as much on Monday night.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are not off to the start James and his teammates hoped this season, while Kyrie Irving and the new-look Boston Celtics are out there thriving.

After the Celtics beat the Hawks on Monday, James posted on Instagram the Arthur’s Fist meme along with the caption: “mood.”

James was not at practice on Tuesday because of a personal issue, which meant his teammates were asked about his Instagram post in his stead. And one of the first people who fielded the question was J.R. Smith, who had no idea what anyone was talking about.

That set a hilarious scene on Tuesday where reporters tried to explain an internet meme from a children’s television show during an interview. It went about as well as you’d expect.

“Honestly, this is the first time I can honestly say I didn’t see it,” Smith said. “I didn’t see his social media. What happened?”

Smith has liked the post, so it’s possible that he’s just trolling reporters here. Or maybe he saw it after the interview and gave it a late like. But either way, it put the media into a bit of a bind. Reporters then tried in vain to explain the Arthur’s Fist meme, which comes from a 1999 episode or Arthur where the titular character gets mad and hits his sister for breaking his model airplane.

The image of Arthur’s balled fist became popular online last year, and it’s actually part of a long list of Arthur memes. What’s amazing about the Internet is that it can grow a culture all its own. Memes like this live organically there, and when they get spit out into the real world it’s all just so weird-sounding.

Smith was a good sport here with reporters, pivoting to give them a real quote instead of just being confused about an aardvark’s anthropomorphic fist. The he definitely liked the post so maybe