J.R. Smith Laughed At Marcus Smart’s Fine For His Ejection Against The Hawks

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Marcus Smart is one of those guys that just gets under people’s skin. His attitude, playstyle, and general demeanor doesn’t make him very likable unless you’re a teammate of his. So, for someone like J.R. Smith that has spent years battling against him, Smart can become exhausting to deal with.

Smart was recently ejected when he got into it with Deandre Bembry before a mid-game tip off play on Saturday. What started off as trash talk kept growing into something more before Smart was running through a crowd of people to get at Bembry.

Smart was fined $35,000 for his role in the incident. That’s to be expected when you notice that Smart ignored multiple officials and team staff trying to remove him from the court. He barrels through everybody to try and get to Bembry.

It made Smart look a little foolish and hot-headed, but one person had a good laugh about it all. J.R. Smith saw the video of Smart’s ejection on Instagram and left a comment laughing at his expense. He made sure to throw in that Smart was a bum for good measure.

The Cavs might not be good anymore, and Smith isn’t even with the team right now, but bad blood never rests. The years spent battling between the Celtics and Cavs has built up enough of that for Smith to still feel the need to laugh at him. Even when they aren’t playing against each other anymore. That’s some deep feuding.