Julius Randle Told Us About His Physical Transformation And Magic Johnson’s Open Door Policy

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Julius Randle made a decision to transform his body this past offseason. Entering his fourth year in the league, and with the Lakers adding reinforcements to their frontcourt during the offseason, Randle wanted to be in the best shape of his career as he was preparing to fight for a spot in the team’s rotation.

After changing his diet and exercise routine, Randle went from 258 pounds and 12 percent body fat at the end of the 2016-17 season to 240 pounds and six percent body fat at the start of this year. We caught up with the Lakers’ forward to talk about how losing the weight impacted the game, Magic Johnson’s influence on the Lakers, and whether he has ever been approached by a certain teammate’s dad about joining Big Baller Brand.

Your entire basketball career you’ve been on teams that win, from high school to Kentucky. But the Lakers have struggled the last few years, have an eye on the future, and have an eye on being a team that’s going to be racking up titles sometime soon. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned going from a guy who is always on winning teams to a guy who is part of a rebuild that is looking to the future?

For me it’s a tough adjustment. I’ve learned patience in the process of things. When I was at Kentucky, we didn’t win right away, it took us time to really catch our rhythm and really win at that level. Kinda taking that and carrying it over to here, so for me, it’s just the patience of things, the process of things, and keeping that competitive nature and killer instinct.

Was that something you didn’t have earlier in your career and had to develop, and now it’s something you’re more at peace with?

I have no patience for losing, and I still don’t have any patience for losing, but it’s just learning when you’re going through those times how to lead and lead with your energy every day even though things aren’t going the way you want them to go necessarily.

It seems like there’s been a change in the conversation around the Lakers since Magic has come back to the team and has started in the front office. Any good advice that he’s given you as a young guy in the league?