Justin Bieber Tweets Support Of Kyle Lowry’s All-Star Bid, Doesn’t Actually Vote

Poor Justin Bieber just can’t seem to get out of his own way. While tweeting in support of Kyle Lowry’s bid for All-Star starter, the Canadian megastar failed to include the proper hashtag that makes a vote actually count – leaving the Toronto Raptors’ point guard out of approximately 31,000 extra tallies.

Here’s Bieber’s tweet – which has since been deleted, as far as we can tell. Note the lack of #nbaballot, the hashtag that alerts the league of an official vote:

Considering Lowry was more than 100,000 votes behind Dwyane Wade as of the last ballot returns, the Raptors star certainly could have used those 31,000 additional marks from Beliebers across the globe.

But at least Lowry has more meaningful support for people that actually matter. The Canadian Prime Minister understands the balloting process:

All-Star voting closed as of midnight this morning. We’ll find out soon enough if Lowry has been properly rewarded for his standout season. In the meantime, why not watch this sick video boosting his candidacy?

(Video via Toronto Raptors)

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