Kanye West Apologized To Michael Jordan For Lyrics In His Song ‘Facts’

02.09.16 2 years ago
michael jordan

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Kanye West‘s new song, “Facts,” took a not-so-thinly veiled shot at Nike and, many would say, Michael Jordan. Such an assumption makes sense given that Jordan and Nike are attached at the #brands hip, not to mention “Facts” states “Yeezy jumped over the Jumpman.”

Apparently, that’s not how West wants it interpreted. On his Twitter account, West apologized to Jordan, noting that he “loves and respects” His Airness while saying his beef was with Nike CEO Mark Parker.

The apology is probably too little too late for Jordan’s son, who has already made his feelings known about “Facts.” West also took another jab at Nike this month during a Grammy concert, so in his defense, his lyric is probably directed more toward Nike than anyone else.

As it turns out, though, Nike isn’t the only shoe company to draw West’s ire. Kanye was also directing some shade toward Puma, which is trying to sign Kylie Jenner to an endorsement deal. West also designed a shoe line with Adidas.

Oh, and then there was West defending Bill Cosby, which was totally out of left field in the wake of his apparel beefs.

West has been super #madonline lately. More than normal, it seems. But he wants everyone to know he’s not mad at MJ. So, there’s that.

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