Karl-Anthony Towns Was Feeling The Breeze On This Preposterous Windmill Slam

Karl-Anthony Towns is almost universally seen as one of the NBA’s best young players, and there are plenty of reasons for that. The Minnesota Timberwolves big man displays ball-handling skills that are on par with most guards, and his court awareness, especially offensively, is off the charts at an early age. On Friday evening, Towns flashed another part of his immense skill set, and that is his preposterous athleticism.

The 7-footer received a pass on the fast break against the Washington Wizards, and on this rare occasion, he was already ahead of the pack with a clear path to the rim. From there, he pulled away from John Wall, and while at full speed, Towns elected to attempt a windmill dunk in the midst of what was a competitive game in the first quarter.

As you can see, the 21-year-old center was able to complete the jam, and he did so with ease. There are only a handful of players near the height of Towns who can even dream of pulling this level of dunk off within a game, and the great majority of them play on the perimeter. In Towns, the Wolves have a package that looks like a future All-NBA center to go along with a crazy high-end athlete, and this play serves as a mental note for the rest of the league that he continues to shine.