The NBA’s Block Of The Night Came When Jason Smith Erased A Kay Felder Layup

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Kay Felder is a very nice young guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is an electric 5’9 player who led the NCAA in assists per game during his senior year while averaging 24.2 points a night. If Cleveland does not decide to go out and get a playmaker like LeBron James wants, it will probably be in part because the team trusts that Felder will be able to get the job done.

This is, um, not exactly reassuring. Felder blew by a defender during Cleveland’s game against Washington and had a shot at a layup. The only thing between himself and the rim was Jason Smith, who is a legit seven footer and the exact kind of person who can consume a Felder layup attempt.

Felder tried his hardest but Smith spiked this like it was a volleyball. Here’s the block from another angle. It’s just as brutal.

Sure, you can get on Smith for posing after swatting a dude who is more than a foot shorter than he is, but I feel like if anyone did something similar they’d do the same thing. It’s always good to remind people that you gotta be strong if you’re gonna try and score at the rim.