Kemba Walker Reportedly Picked The Celtics Because They’re Ready To Make A Playoff Run

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Kemba Walker is apparently headed to Boston to take the point guard reins with the Celtics, seemingly replacing Kyrie Irving, who is reportedly set to sign with the Brooklyn Nets. While the free agency shuffle is tumultuous and every player has their own reasons for leaving or joining a team, Walker reportedly joined the Celtics in order to take over the Eastern Conference.

Walker was given a disappointing offer from a Hornets team that could have offered Walker a supermax contract, and that lowball offer is a potential reason why a once-committed Walker looked elsewhere in free agency. But making the playoffs, something that was a struggle for Walker in Charlotte, is apparently one of the big reasons why Walker found a jump to Boston appealing

According to a report from Jeff Goodman, the now-former Hornet picked the Celtics because the core of players left after Kyrie Irving and Al Horford depart in free agency is still primed to make a significant playoff run next season

That would mean Walker is betting big on a bounceback year from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and that he feels his presence can settle what was a chaotic and uneven Celtics team for much of last season. Whether the Celtics are as ready for the postseason as Walker thinks is tough to say, but after a frustrating start to his career in Charlotte, it’s easy to understand why a perennial playoff team under Josh Stevens would be appealing to Walker.