Kendrick Perkins & Z-Bo Ask Ref To Let Them Be Physical

So many people get nostalgic for a more physical NBA. Any time there’s a little roughness in the paint these days, you’re always expecting a whistle. Some misconstrue this and believe the players are getting soft, but the league has cracked down more than anything. That’s what makes this video clip before the Thunder and Grizzlies tipped off so enthralling. Watch as Kendrick Perkins and Zach Randolph ask head referee Monty McCutchen to let them be physical in the post.

Where are you gonna see two players on opposing teams taking the time to meet with the head referee before the game to let him know they’re gonna be bruising, so please hold the fouls — it’s a mutual agreement in this case. Both Z-Bo and Perkins love to bang in the block (we actually think Randolph plays better the more physical the game becomes), so Perkins asked Randolph to join him at mid-court before tonight’s Game 3 and they explained the situation to McCutchen. Monty, for his part, was pretty receptive.

(via @JDonSports)

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