Here’s Kenny Smith’s Disastrous Attempt To Rip His Sleeves Like LeBron James

There are many similarities between LeBron James and Kenny Smith. They both play, or played, NBA basketball. They each have two championships. They, um…they can both dunk. They can also both rip the sleeves off their shirts…sort of.

You’ll recall that LeBron, frustrated with the confines of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ onerous jerseys, ripped his sleeves in the middle of Tuesday’s game against the New York Knicks. On Thursday, Smith tried to emulate LeBron with hysterical results.

First he tries for the left sleeve, and really only rips the shoulder in what is, at best, a half-hearted attempt. He then moves on to the right sleeve, where he has a little bit more success, managing to tear the sleeve down his arm a bit. It’s a good thing he didn’t try this with an actual sleeved jersey, because the material of a jersey is much tougher to rip than the soft cotton of his shirt.

In the end, Smith looks less like someone who channeled his inner Hulk and more like a dude who got tangled up in a thorn bush and barely managed to escape. LeBron, meanwhile, made his tear look so casual and so menacing that you wondered if it would be any more difficult for him to tear off someone’s limb.