Kenyon Martin Says Kobe Would Fight And ‘Take Your Head Off’ To Win

04.05.17 2 years ago 4 Comments

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Kenyon Martin wrote a piece for The Players Tribune, and it’s a letter to his younger self detailing how his younger self should write a letter to his even younger self explaining how his even younger self should … oh, it’s not one of those?

It’s not! The former NBA star wrote about the five guys everyone hated playing against and one of them was Kobe Bryant, known primarily as the guy who took 400 shots in his final career game. If you find it hard to believe that someone hated playing against an egomaniacal type-A personality, here’s what Martin had to say:

“People can say whatever they want about Kobe, but Kobe don’t take no shit from nobody. Kobe would fight you in a minute. He would. That’s something I think a lot of fans didn’t know. People think of Kobe for all that skillful basketball stuff, but not for the fact that, if you stepped up to him, he’d fight back. Or if you clubbed him or hit him, he’d make you pay.

That’s ’cause Mamba would literally take your head off to win the game, man. He’d fuck you up. There’s a lot of trash talking on the court, but nobody ever said shit to Kobe.”

I’m thinking people would 100 percent believe that Kobe would become violent if he felt he wasn’t getting his way. If only there was some sort of example of this happening somewhere in Kobe’s life off the court that could validate Martin’s point. Oh well. Maybe this example will show up in the comments.

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