Kevin Durant Tweets ‘My Bad’ After Michael Rapaport Posted A Series Of ‘Disgusting’ DMs He Received From The Nets Star

A series of Instagram DMs in which he, among other things, addressed the recipient with homophobic words has drawn an apology from Kevin Durant. Actor and personality Michael Rapaport posted a private correspondence on his Twitter account that he received from Durant back in December in which the Brooklyn Nets star sent, as Rapaport called them, “threats and disgusting messages.”

You can click the link here to see what Durant had to say, but as a warning, he did step over the line in a number of the words he used to convey what he thought about Rapaport sending out a tweet in which he called Durant “super sensitive” following his highly-publicized interview with the Inside the NBA team in which Durant was not particularly talkative.

Following the DMs appearing on Rapoport’s Twitter account, Durant responded, saying that this is normal banter between people like himself and Rapaport and that anything he said that Rapaport did not like was “my bad.”

It is unclear if the NBA will pay this any mind, although due to the fact that Durant used a series of anti-gay slurs in addressing Rapoport, it is plausible that he could be subject to discipline, which the league has doled out in the past.