A Comment On YouTube May Have Settled The Kevin Durant-LeBron James Debate

08.01.17 11 months ago 3 Comments

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The comments section of YouTube is not exactly the most reasonable place on the Internet. It’s often full of inane arguments, terrible spelling and general riff raff that’s not hospitable to productive discourse. Unless you’re Kevin Durant, in the comments of your own YouTube channel, potentially implying that you’re better than LeBron James.

Durant replied to a YouTube comment on his page with a one-word answer that may have refuted someone saying LeBron is better than him. By transitive property, then, Kevin Durant believes he’s better than LeBron James.

So here’s the setup. Durant set up a YouTube channel and has been active on it this summer. He even posts in the community page, starting conversations with comments like “Narrative of skill? Which one matters to you more?” It’s in this thread where the comment comes in. YouTube user Joe Deezy says that LeBron is better, and Durant responds.

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