Kevin Durant Explains Why He Said ‘F*ck You’ To Dion Waiters In Game 2

There was a weird exchange between Kevin Durant and Dion Waiters during Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals. Durant was seen looking at Waiters with an overly serious face and said to his teammate, “Hey man, f*ck you. Hey. F*ck you.”

This was especially weird because it came after a possession where Durant scored off of a Waiters assist. Sure, earlier in the possession (like, four seconds earlier), Waiters missed Durant streaking down the court on a fast break, but he made up for it by finding an open Durant for a jumper. Plus Durant was very obviously joking around with Waiters when he said this, but people were wondering why Durant cussed at his teammate, so he explained to The Oklahoman.

“We always have those exchanges, man. We were laughing,” Durant explained Friday. “If you walked into the huddle, the camera was in the huddle, you’d have seen us laughing and joking about it. But we go at it all the time.”

Durant gave credit to Waiters actually making the right decision on the play. Waiters could have forced the cross-court pass. In the end, Durant still got a wide-open jumper to cut the Warriors’ lead to 43-41.

“I thought he could have thrown the alley-oop, but as I think about it, it was a smarter pass for me to curl around,” Durant said. “I probably wouldn’t have caught that or the other guy tipped it or something, so he made the right play. I was being a jerk at that point.”

Additionally, Durant mentioned that Waiters threw a few cusses his way before he started talking, and said that having fun like this is “part of the brotherhood.”

So no, when Kevin Durant said “f*ck you” to Dion Waiters, he was not angry or being serious. Carry on.