Kevin Durant Doesn’t Compare Himself To Other NBA Stars Because ‘Comparison Is A Need For Joy’

04.13.19 3 months ago

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Kevin Durant is at peace with whatever is coming next for himself and the Golden State Warriors. It’s likely “next” is another NBA championship, and perhaps another Finals MVP in the process. Beyond that could be a fourth team in his NBA career (RIP Sonics) and a whole slew of commentary about his career and legacy.

Durant has already said his journey to Golden State has been worth it despite all the talk about what he’s done to the competitive balance of the NBA and the perception of free agency in the Association. And, quite frankly, that’s good because that is a lot to put on the shoulders of one man.

Durant is used to the attention by now, though he’s often portrayed as a player with a thin skin and one that’s willing to fight back against slights against him. But he says the comparisons don’t matter to him at all.

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