Kevin Durant Doesn’t Need The NBA To ‘Fulfill Anything In Me’

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Kevin Durant’s looming free agency remains the most intriguing storyline of the summer, even more so than what will happen with Anthony Davis, simply because of the power Durant holds. If he stays with the Golden State Warriors, the Western Conference’s best team will remain atop their perch. If he leaves? Well, in the words of Kevin Garnett, anything is possible.

Because of the fascination around Durant and the potential next stop in his career, fans and media alike have been attempting to parse every word he says, and every reaction he has on the court, into a larger narrative about what’s next for the recent All-Star Game MVP. In his most recent interview, a 1-on-1 with Kerith Burke of NBC Sports, Durant gave an interesting answer when he was asked if he felt the need to build something elsewhere to solidify his legacy.

I don’t need anything in this basketball world to fulfill anything in me. The NBA is never going to fulfill me. It’s going to make me feel good about all of the work that I’ve put in, but I think those days of me wanting to prove something to anybody or walk around with a huge chip on my shoulder is not my thing.

It wasn’t before, and I felt like I had to program myself to play with a chip on my shoulder, but I’m never good in that situation. I’m more relaxed and letting these days flow. I’m the best version of me.

I don’t feel like I need anything like that to prove who I am. I’ve been in it for too long.

You can take this quote a couple of ways. Does this mean Durant is finally comfortable in his skin, and just wants to continue to win championships in Golden State? Or does it mean Durant is up for a new challenge because he’s no longer looking to prove anything to anyone? Whatever it means, the intrigue around Durant is only going to ramp up as the playoffs get going.