Draymond Green Believes All The Warriors Knew They Had To Sacrifice To Get Kevin Durant

04.05.17 2 years ago

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Kevin Durant‘s return to the Golden State Warriors is right around the corner. The All-Star forward will reportedly return from a leg injury later this week, and it could not come at a better time – the postseason starts soon, and this gives Durant the opportunity to find a rhythm with his teammates before the championship hunt begins.

However, there are some people who think the timing may be a bit awkward. The Warriors are on fire lately, winning 12 games in a row. If you believe that the current chemistry the team has trumps Durant’s talent, then you may be skeptical.

One person who does not think that way – well, one of many people who don’t think that way – is Draymond Green, who appeared on Jim Rome’s radio show and discussed Durant’s return.

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