LeBron James Made A Business Decision As Kevin Durant Skied For A Massive Tomahawk Dunk

01.15.18 1 year ago 2 Comments

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It is always fun when the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers get together on a massive stage, and that continued to be the case on the evening of Martin Luther King Day. The two teams wasted absolutely no time in launching into another showdown, combining for 72 points in the first quarter and, while there were plenty of highlights to remember within the first 12 minutes, one stood out above the rest.

In short, Kevin Durant cut Cleveland’s five-point lead to three with a dunk in transition. Well, that is the box score version anyway. What actually transpired was the best player on the planet in LeBron James making a firm and clear business decision as Durant zoomed toward the rim.

It isn’t a surprise that James did not necessarily attempt to slow Durant because, frankly, there was little chance that he would have been able to stop the freight train. Still, it is definitely worthy when these two All-NBA forwards appear to be on a collision course and Durant punctuated this particular instance in impressive fashion.

The tomahawk throw-down represented just two of Durant’s eight points in the first quarter but, in looking back on the festivities, it will be the most memorable of that time period.

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