Kevin Durant Appears To Be Defending Himself On Twitter Using Fake Accounts

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Kevin Durant is no stranger to social media, and he’s not afraid to speak his mind online. But he might have slipped up in a big way over the weekend. Followers appear to have caught him using multiple Twitter accounts in a conversation where Durant was defending himself for leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder in favor of the Golden State Warriors.

There could be other things at play here, of course. Like many athletes, Durant might not be doing all his own tweeting. But many accused Durant of having secret accounts he used to anonymously defend himself against anonymous folks online.

Cole Cashwell tweeted at Durant asking him to give a “legitimate reason” for leaving Oklahoma City on Sunday night. Three minutes later, Durant’s account replied.

“He didn’t like the organization or playing for Billy Donovan,” The tweet said. His roster wasn’t that good, it was just him and Russ.”

That certainly sounds like something Durant wouldn’t straight up say, and he referred to himself in the third person.

In another tweet, also from Durant’s account, the argument continued.

“Imagine taking Russ off that team,” Durant’s account said. “See how bad they were. KD can’t win a championship with those cats.”

So it’s clear that someone is willing to defend Durant in his mentions, and that someone is very close to Durant. And maybe it’s him. It could be that he has multiple accounts and loves to argue. It’s certainly not the first time an athlete has messed up in executing a tweet, either. It’s not entirely impossible that he feels outnumbered, or can’t reveal his true thoughts about something with his verified account. Or it could be an assistant who has his boss’ back.

Either way, someone involved has thin skin and forgetful fingers.