Kevin Durant Tweaked His Hamstring, But What Does It Mean?

Technically speaking, Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant will be out at least a week with a hamstring tweak he sustained against the Washington Wizards, according to the organization. A statement from the Thunder said Durant “will be re-evaluated in 7-10 days.”

Sifting beyond the face value of the injury, though, it doesn’t sound like Oklahoma City nor its fans need to worry about Durant’s long-term health. That part’s important considering Durant missed a majority of last season with a foot injury that ended up requiring several surgeries.

Erik Horne of The Oklahoman provides context for Durant’s injury:

That Durant continued to play after the initial injury showed it wasn’t as severe as it could have been. There are three degrees of hamstring injuries, with Durant’s likely falling into the first degree, according to Dennis Thompson, ATC — managing partner of Excel Physical Therapy in Ardmore and a certified athletic trainer for 30 years.

“It is a good sign in the fact that you could probably rule out a third degree there,” said Thompson, who said a third degree, or Grade 3 would be a complete rupture of a muscle. A Grade 2 would be a tear, but the main muscle would still be intact, while a Grade 1 is a strain or “micro tears.”

Hamstring injuries, especially serious ones, can linger and cause all kinds of problems. The season is young – we’re not even a month into 2015-16 – so even if Durant’s hamstring injury was more serious than initially expected, there’s time for him to rest up. But, obviously, the Thunder want Durant back on the court as quickly as time will allow without causing further damage. Ever since the preseason, Durant has looked like his old, MVP-self. Through eight games, he’s averaging 28.1 points. 7.3 rebounds and three assists.

In the big picture, Durant’s hamstring injury doesn’t sound serious. That’s a welcome relief for an organization that’s had a hard time keeping its star players healthy in recent years.

(Via The Oklahoman)