Kevin Durant Says His Hamstring Is ‘Way Better,’ But There’s Still Cause For Caution

11.16.15 2 years ago
Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant seems well on his way to a full recovery from the hamstring strain that’s kept him on the sidelines for two games and counting. The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar told ESPN’s Royce Young on Sunday that he feels “way better” compared to how he did just a few days prior.

“Feeling a lot better,” he said. “Way better, actually.”

Durant suffered the injury in the first half of his team’s highly-publicized road game against the Washington Wizards last Tuesday. The Thunder subsequently announced that he’d be “reevaluated in 7-10 days,” while coach Billy Donovan eased concerns by calling the former MVP’s strain “nothing too serious.”

Though his condition is improved, Durant is still taking a cautious approach to this minor injury. Hamstring issues, he says, are nothing to take lightly.

“Hamstrings are a little different,” Durant said. “You can re-injure them pretty easily if you try and play through it, or as we say now, ‘Be tough.’ I call that being dumb. But hamstring strains you can’t really try and play through it. Just got to get it right and make sure everything is perfect when I come back to play.”

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