Kevin Durant Intros NBA 2KTV Debut On NBA 2K15

The folks at NBA 2K just keep upping the ante, and their latest trailer for NBA 2K15 features cover athlete Kevin Durant introducing a new, weekly in-game television program, NBA 2KTV. Hosted by sports broadcast personality, Rachel DeMita, she’ll be featured live every time you turn on the game, filming new segments every week after the game’s release on October 7. As KD says in the trailer after the jump, “Whoa man, that’s sick.”

NBA2K TV will offer an in-game broadcast program for the next-generation and PC versions of NBA 2K15. DeMita will be the go-to source for the the latest in 2K news and happenings with game-related programming giving the enthusiastic NBA 2K players a voice to add content to the estimated 15-minute show she’ll film every week in the 2K studios.

The show will highlight content from the most popular gameplay that week, as dictated by the fans of NBA 2K15. Watch interviews with players — James Harden and Stephen Curry are featured in a reel from the trailer — as well as the game’s development crew, gameplay highlights, game-related events, basketball culture, lifestyle and more. So basically, it’s what every Dime reader wants.

“One of my favorite parts of this is I was a former Division I basketball player and to me the point of playing basketball and the point of playing video games is the same thing: to have a really amazing time competing,” DeMita told’s Jeff Caplan.

“With the show, we always want to have a good time and show all of the culture and the entertainment value that surrounds the NBA, that surrounds NBA2K and that surrounds our gaming community. Everybody is coming there for essentially the same reason. Being able to bring these guys access to some of the things they couldn’t have access to before, for instance they wouldn’t know necessarily that someone in Maryland is at the top of the leader board, but I’ll be able to let the rest of the community know that.

“At the same time someone may not know that Kevin Durant loves to play NBA 2K, and also likes to play with other NBA players. So when I do interviews with him, the whole community will get to watch that and enjoy in those aspects of the culture.”

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