Kevin Durant To Jeremy Lamb: “Give Me The F******* Ball!”

Matthew Dellavedova is a dogged defender, but he’s no match for Kevin Durant. Apparently Jeremy Lamb thinks otherwise. As the 6-11 Durant was being checked by the 6-4 Dellavedova in the post during the Oklahoma City Thunder’s victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, watch Lamb look off his teammate and the reigning MVP’s ensuing reaction.

For the lip-reading challenged:

Give me the f****** ball!”

The Thunder finally obliged Durant late in the fourth quarter, to predictable results. As the LeBron James– less Cavaliers made a late-game run due in part to hot shooting from Dellavedova, KD took over. He scored eight consecutive points once the score was cut to 95-91, putting Cleveland away for good.

Interestingly, all three of Durant’s late-game baskets came while he was being defended by Kyrie Irving. On the first one, in fact, Oklahoma City even ran a set to force that matchup by getting Dellavedova to switch onto Russell Westbrook. Perhaps Lamb simply understood before everyone else that Delly is basketball’s preeminent KD-stopper?


(Video via James Herbert)

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