Kevin Durant Tells Dime “I’m Like The Best”…At NBA 2K

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood joined NBA 2K15 cover athlete Kevin Durant and former Thunder teammate James Harden as they helped celebrate the launch of the game (hitting stores Oct. 7) in New York on top of The Standard High Line adjacent to the Hudson River. We braved the glare of the red carpet to catch up with the 2014 NBA MVP to talk about the new game.

Rather than ask him about working on a post game, or more comprehensive questions about the upcoming 2014-15 season, we stuck to the video game during the brief couple minutes we had with the Thunder sharpshooter. It’s a red carpet, not the most ideal setting for an athlete to reflect and give his best answer. Short and sweet is the name of the game, which is why you’re unlikely to find us spending much time on a red carpet. Still, we’re excited about the game, and so is he.

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Dime: What’s your favorite part of the new game?
Kevin Durant: I like the storyboard. I like the MyPLAYER mode when you gotta go through and make the team. When you play as just one person. It’s like the storyline; so when you’re playing to make the team, to be a superstar. So all that storytelling.

Dime:You play it all the way through when you first get the game?
KD: Yeah, I play it all the way through.

Dime: What’s the first thing you do when you get the game, like the first time you insert the game into the system?
KD: I play My Player. I like playing for something. With anything. So I like playing for something and My Player offers you the opportunity to really compete, so you play for a contract, play for a position, play for big money. So it’s a nice little deal. I can’t wait to start playing.

Dime: You said at the uncensored event you said Russ (Russell Westbrook) and James (Harden) were the two toughest competitors — as far as 2K goes. Who is an underrated game on the Thunder?
KD: I’d say Andre Roberson. Second year guy (we interviewed him at the rookie photo shoot last year). He plays video games non-stop, so I’m sure he’s good at any game he pops in.

Dime: You guys have never gone at each other
KD: We’ve never gone head-to-head, but I’m sure we will soon.

Dime: Now you said you were like 100-4 at NBA 2K this summer. Have you gotten another loss yet?
KD: I haven’t played it yet [since the Undercover event]. Once August hits, me and my boys always say we’re gonna wait until the next one comes out in October (Oct. 7), so we kind of put it away for a few months. I had a helluva streak this summer; I wasn’t losing at all.

Dime: You just play with your buddies?
KD: Yeah my buddies. There’s about 10 of us who go at it.

Dime: There’s not one guy among those 10 friends who can compete with you?
KD: No, he might beat me once every 10 games, but it’s just like — he don’t have my number, though. I’m like the best.

We’re pretty sure the 2014 MVP feels the same way on the real hardwood.

NBA 2K15 was available to play at the top of The Standard where the party was held, but after elbowing through our brief red carpet experience, we decided to head home, but not before watching Roots drummer and author Questlove cruise by the whole tussle on the read carpet without giving anyone the time of day; that sort of made our day.

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