The Governor Of Oklahoma Offers Kevin Durant A Cabinet Position To Stay With The Thunder

Kevin Durant
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Once the NBA Finals end, the focus of basketball fans everywhere will turn to one man: Kevin Durant. Where Durant chooses to sign this offseason is undoubtedly the biggest storyline in the league once a champion is crowned, and teams across the NBA are lining up to make their pitches to the former MVP.

We already know that the Houston Rockets are out of the running, but there are still several other teams who feel like they have a shot at KD. Andrew Bogut might say he doesn’t want Durant with the Warriors, but teams in the league are assuredly fearing the possibility of him joining the potential two-time defending champs. Durant is from the Washington area, so the Wizards are hoping that, and his former coach Scott Brooks will be enough to lure him back to D.C.

The Boston Celtics are in the running with a solid young core and a great head coach, and if Durant opts to play in Boston, he’ll have free crab legs for life. Even the San Antonio Spurs are apparently in the mix for Durant’s services, which would form a nearly unstoppable trio of forwards with Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge.

Despite all of those team’s hoping to sign him, the Oklahoma City Thunder remain the favorites to resign their superstar, and now the governor of Oklahoma is doing her part to ensure that Durant comes back by offering him a position in her cabinet should he return to OKC.

Tulsa World has the full quote from Gov. Mary Fallin, who said Durant could join her team in the health and fitness department.

“If Kevin Durant thinks about leaving, which I hope he doesn’t — Oklahoma loves Kevin Durant and Kevin Durant loves Oklahoma. But if he’ll stay, I’ll make him a Cabinet person for health and fitness on my Cabinet.”

Fallin makes around $150,00 per year, so you’d have to think someone in her cabinet would make considerably less. Something tells me the offer won’t factor in all that much into Durant’s decision.

(Via Tulsa World)