Kevin Durant Admitted He Convinced Himself He Was Beefing With Russell Westbrook

02.17.18 2 years ago

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Things have been tense between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook for a while now, but perhaps we can credit the NBA All-Star Game for making them better.

The two will play on the same All-Star squad for the second straight season since Durant left Oklahoma City to play for Golden State. That move caused a rift in their friendship, one that’s manifested on and off the court. But things seem different between the two, and when LeBron James picked both Durant and Westbrook for his All-Star team this year, it was barely even a thing.

After the team’s All-Star Game practice on Saturday where Durant and Westbrook appeared downright friendly, Durant was asked about his relationship with his former teammate. The reigning NBA Finals MVP admitted that he’s moved past their rivalry and that a lot of that tension was because he “f*cked that up” and was was in his own head.

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