Kevin Durant Insists He Still Loves Russell Westbrook No Matter What Anyone Says

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Get used to hearing about the relationship between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook for the rest of this season, and maybe longer. With the kind of zeal typically reserved for celebrity couples, the split between Durant and Westbrook due to Durant’s leaving the Thunder, who blew a 3-1 lead to the Warriors, for the Warriors, who blew a 3-1 lead to the Cavs, is being asked about at every opportunity. At this point, I’m surprised I haven’t written an article about what you think about the fractured friendship between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.

While Westbrook’s done his best “I don’t care” routine, picking and choosing his spots to show he’s angry, like a cat that can’t stop tipping over your water glass onto the ground because you were gone all day, it seems like Durant can’t help trying to repair things. He’s not one to stay silent, and in an interview with Anthony Slater of the Mercury News, KD wants everyone to know that he still loves Westbrook.

No, really.

I love Russ. I don’t care what nobody say. I don’t care what he say or what the fans say. Like, this is a tough time right now in our relationship. But I love Russ. I love his family. They all know that. I never did anything morally wrong. I never back-stabbed him in real life, never did anything behind his back, never told anyone anything about his character. Never did any of that. I just left teams. I just switched teams. Everyone on the outside is looking at it as, ‘Oh, you must not have liked him.’ Hell no. C’mon man. Nobody understand that part. I’m trying to find out who I am. He knew who he was. He knew what he wanted to do.

In there is some really interesting language that does bring to mind LeBron’s “Decision” to head to Miami after the Cavs the first time around. Durant, like all players, didn’t choose to go to Oklahoma City, but he kind of became a man there. That said, you aren’t who you’re going to be forever in your 20s, and if, in fact, KD is trying to find himself, a chance to play on a superteam is a good way of doing so.

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