Kevin Durant Strains His Left Hamstring Against The Wizards And Will Miss The Second Half

The Washington Wizards are hosting Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma Thunder tonight, and despite the fact that Durant hails from the nation’s capital, local fans are giving him the rudest of welcomes every time he touches the ball. The response might stem from the comments he made about his last visit to his hometown.

But toward the end of the first quarter, KD seemed to get annoyed. First, John Wall cleanly picked his pocket at mid-court and took it the other way for the slam.

The next time down the court, Russ found him cutting backdoor for a dunk. The possession after that, KD dropped a three-pointer after dancing behind the pick at the top of the arc.

Then Kanter hit a shot, and KD drilled this ridiculous pull-up three.

With a wingspan of 7-foot-4, the ability to hit that pull-up three from around 25 feet, and the handles of a guard, KD is an extraterrestrial.

He will also listen to your boos, your heckles and your jeers and he’ll just drain threes until your throat gives out.

But as the estimable Howard Beck points out, there are a lot of Thunder fans in the Verizon Center and the booing might’ve even been (it wasn’t) intentionally designed to persuade Durant to stay in OKC.

Then again, KD didn’t come in the the second half after straining his left hamstring, so the Wiz won’t have to contend with a riled up KD after all.

Here’s the play where he injured it:

More as it develops, but Durant’s homecoming ended after 24 minutes.