KD: “Thunderstruck” Was Worse Than “Kazaam”

08.25.14 5 years ago

Kevin Durant says his 2012 movie “Thunderstruck” was worse than Shaquille O’Neal’s “Kazaam.”

Over the weekend, Durant spoke briefly with a reporter from TMZ Sports. During the encounter, he was asked whether his movie was better than “Kazaam.” Durant didn’t even think twice and immediately replied that “Kazaam” was better. In typical Durant fashion, he went onto say he’s done with acting because he wants to focus on basketball.

Now, was “Kazaam” better than “Thunderstruck?” According to Rotten Tomatoes, a movie review ratings aggregation site, “Thunderstruck” received just two positive reviews out of the 10 reviews that were counted for a 20 percent fresh rating. “Kazaam” was no better, receiving just two positive reviews out of the 34 reviews that were counted for a ridiculously low fresh rating of six percent.

The reviews don’t really separate the two movies, as critics were almost unanimous in how little they enjoyed both of them. So how about we go to the box office numbers? This is where we can probably support Durant’s admission that his movie was worst. “Kazaam,” for all the negative reviews it received, grossed almost $19 million domestically. When the movie was released in 1996, Shaq was at the height of his popularity which helps explain how the movie ended up doing so well.

Durant was not so lucky. “Thunderstruck” grossed just $587,211 domestically, making it both a critical and financial flop. To be fair, we have seen Durant demonstrate that he can act, and even rap, as evidenced by this commercial:

Despite his potential as an entertainer, we won’t be complaining if Durant is indeed done with acting and focuses on basketball instead.

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