Kevin Durant’s Twitter May Have Actually Been Hacked

Last night, Kevin Durant appeared to have uploaded a picture of himself smoking to his Twitter account. The picture isn’t actually that shocking — or even new; he was spotted smoking a hookah back in September, and hookah sheesha is legal, in case you were wondering. But the same photo bizarrely surfaced on KD’s Twitter timeline last night before quickly being taken down. Durant claimed later his phone had been hacked, a popular refrain anytime someone famous gets in hot water on Twitter, but in Durant’s case, we think he’s actually telling the truth.

Maybe it’s because he’s KD, one of the more soft-spoken NBA superstars around, but his account of what happened actually appears true. Sure, he’s using the same excuse countless celebrities have fallen back on any time they’ve said something controversial or not in line with their “brand,” but the hookah pictures aren’t that shocking, and well, his teammate Nick Collison backed his story up.

Here’s KD’s timeline where he claims he was hacked:




Then, after Deadspin published the story, Nick Collison responded to them on Twitter and said KD was going through TSA security, so there’s no way he could have tweeted out that pic.


Plus, Durant wasn’t saying his Twitter account was hacked, but his entire phone. Whomever hacked him was sending insulting messages to his family, which is a pretty disgraceful thing to do.

We believe KD. He’s built up enough good will during his career, and all the facts we could cobble together appear to support his claim. Plus, as mentioned, the photo that got posted to his Twitter account isn’t exactly new. Hopefully KD’s phone is now hacker-free, but we cringe at the text messages to the family.

[via Deadspin, @KDTrey5]

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