Kevin Garnett Roasted Charles Barkley On Live TV After Chuck Called Him A ‘Borderline’ Hall Of Famer

Charles Barkley thought he was going to be cute and stick it to Kevin Garnett by calling him a borderline Hall of Famer. His attempt at subtly sliding that phrase into a question didn’t work, as Garnett cut him off and flipped the question around on Barkley in a much more clever way.

Barkley: Gary (Payton), you’re in the Hall of Fame. Shaq, you’re in the Hall of Fame. I’m in the Hall of Fame. Kevin, you’re a borderline Hall of Famer. Gary-
Garnett: Borderline?
Barkley: Me and Shaq have been talking-
Garnett: Champion. I’m a champion, too. It’s all good. Shaq, you’re a champion. Gary, you’re a champion. You know, Chuck, you’re almost a champion. Borderline champion.

You see, Barkley never won an NBA title while Garnett did with the Celtics. So this is very good roasting. Barkley should know better. There are certain places he can never go, like joking about someone’s NBA credentials when he hasn’t won a championship or someone else’s golf swing. You can’t swerve out of that lane or Garnett is going to correct your course immediately.