Kevin Garnett Introduces Himself To Julius Randle With Some Spirited Smack Talk

Kevin Garnett only played a shade under 13 minutes on Wednesday night in Minnesota’s season premiere against the Lakers. Julius Randle played over 30 minutes in his first real game since going down within minutes of his rookie campaign in the 2014-15 season. So this was Randle’s first real exposure to the barking zaniness of KG on an NBA hardwood. Seriously, KG is crazy.

Bulls rookie Bobby Portis has already heard more than enough from KG. The “Big Dog” Timberwolves mentor might be the ideal leader in the locker room, or when casting an Over The Top sequel, but on the court he’s a rabble-rousing hyena, chirping in everyone’s ear and basically bring his own cyclone of chaos to the court.

While he might not be a very unctuous motivator, he “kills” for his teammates. He’ll also often psychologically kill opponents.

He killed long-time fan, Joakim Noah, the first time they two squared off, and the Thunder’s Steven Adams aptly summed up KG’s bit of psychological warfare when he said it can cause opponents to be “depressed” and “sad.”

So it makes sense Julius Randle — someone KG probably still counts as a rookie, even if the NBA doesn’t — would hear an earful when KG was around him on Wednesday night.

In fact, KG was issued a technical for his bit of verbal sparring.


But Randle appeared not to back down, which is a good sign for Lakers fans.


If KG can easily get under your skin in less than 13 minutes of action, then survival at the NBA level will be very hard.

But Randle got the last laugh.

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