Kevin Garnett’s Amusing Update On Rasheed Wallace

For a certain generation of basketball fan, Rasheed Wallace is everything you’ve ever wanted in an NBA player. The former Pistons, Blazers and — on the downside of his career — Celtics and Knicks forward was eminently quotable and probably the most unique basketball personality to come along during the advent of the big-time basketball blogs (e.g. Yahoo’s “Ball Don’t Lie“). ‘Sheed formerly* an assistant coach with the Pistons, but when long-time on-court rival and off-court friend Kevin Garnett was asked about him, Garnett gave the quote of the preseason.

By way of the New York TimesAndrew Keh, comes this KG gem:

Garnett also implicitly spoke his mind about the Nets’ upcoming preseason sojourn to China for a pair of preseason games in the NBA’s continued efforts to grow their Asian audience:

Part of his reluctance to say anything negative stems from his place as an NBA rep for Chinese sportswear company, ANTA.

Garnett is at that point in his career where he doesn’t have anything left to prove and he doesn’t care what you, or anyone else, thinks about him. He’s free to speak his mind and say whatever he wants; sort of like ‘Sheed did througout his career.

We hope when KG does finally hang up the kicks, he joins forces with ‘Sheed and Charles Oakley — another personal favorite — to open up a series of bars in Brooklyn simply called: “Being Fat.”

*Earlier, we incorrectly stated Wallace was an assistant coach with the Pistons. He’s no longer in that role, and is sitting at home, on the couch…you know the rest.

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