Kevin Love Explains Why He Did NOT Get Drunk While Going Nude For ESPN’s Body Issue

We didn’t know this was a thing, but we suppose it makes sense. Some of the athletes shot for ESPN’s annual Body Issue, need a little liquid courage to stymie any insecurities or discomfort at being photographed so unadorned in their birthday suits. (Personally, we’d do a naked photoshoot as long as we could wear a belt; at least with a belt, there’s somewhere to put your hands.)

During this year’s annual body issue Kevin Love joined a long list of NBA players to appear on the cover. Except, as he told Late Show host Seth Myers on Friday, Love did not need to imbibe in order to bare all in his desert shoot. His reasoning has nothing to do with any overload of confidence, either.

“They told me a bunch of athletes, whether they’re shooting in the studio or out in the middle of the desert, a lot of the guys actually get drunk,” Love admitted. “And I didn’t know what that was about. I happen to sweat a lot, if you’ve seen me on the court, and drinking alcohol in the middle of the desert probably wasn’t gonna work too well for me.”

Aside from the Body Issue, Love’s summer free agency came up, specifically his pool-side chat with LeBron James that was snapped by a podcaster and blew up on social media.

Love actually tells Myers why he’s grabbing himself a chair to talk with ‘Bron and Company at the pool, too. “I think [LeBron] made me get my own chair there because I was wearing Jordans.”

He later added, “there’s no where to hide,” in this current smart phone age, which is true, so if professional athletes really want some privacy, they can always meet a teammate somewhere that isn’t in public.

Also, if you don’t think LeBron and Love were discussing their free agency — remember LeBron opted out this deal this summer, too — Love nixes that implausible report when Myers asks. They absolutely were, despite what “sources” told Brian Windhorst.

Which makes sense because Cleveland’s power forward did end up signing a five-year, max deal to remain in Cleveland even without LeBron re-recruiting him.

He was probably enjoying a couple cocktails at the pool, though.

(Late Night with Seth Myers)