This Showboating Little Kid Got Run Over By Kevin Seraphin

This young child learned a painful lesson before Saturday’s Knicks-Wizards game at Verizon Center: Never turn your back on an oncoming NBA player.

A few youngsters were lined up to greet Knicks players as they ran onto the court for warmups, and one of those kids spotted a camera and decided to try and ham it up for a few laughs. In the process of doing so, he mistakenly stepped into the open lane for players and made it about half a second before Kevin Seraphin destroyed him and sent him flying offscreen.

Hopefully the kid is alright, although we don’t see him get back on his feet in the Vine above. What we do see, however, is one of the fellow kids looking in his direction and laughing without attempting to help, which is an indication that 1.) the other kid is cold-blooded and a terrible friend, and 2.) hopefully no serious injuries were suffered.


This kid’s goal was clearly to get on TV and make us laugh, so ultimately I guess you’d have to say he was successful in that mission. Way to go, kid! It’s probably safe to say that’s not the way he was hoping to accomplish it, though.

(Via Seth Rosenthal)