Vanderbilt Coach Yells ‘I’LL F*CKING KILL YOU’ On-Court At One Of His Players

02.27.15 4 years ago 6 Comments
Kevin Stallings

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Threatening to kill your players is probably not an effective coaching tactic, but that’s the approach Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings took on Thursday night after his team beat in-state rival Tennessee.

Following the game, Vandy freshman Wade Baldwin taunted Tennessee players by clapping in their faces.

Stallings did not take kindly to this. Though we can’t see the incident, ESPN’s microphones picked up Stallings yelling, “YOU F*CKING APOLOGIZE” and “DON’T DO THAT” AND “I’LL F*CKING KILL YOU” as the teams exchanged handshakes:

After the game, Stallings told ESPN:

“I handled it completely inappropriately and I apologized to Wade — and I need to apologize to our fans and the Vanderbilt administration. Having said that, and it may seem as though I’m trying to rationalize my behavior, sportsmanship will continue to be a high priority. I did not mean it in the literal sense and I’ve never touched a player in all my years as a coach. That’s not me. I will learn from this and handle this situation differently in the future.”

For his part, Baldwin doesn’t seem upset about what happened:

So, water under the bridge, and all that.

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