The Kings Showed Brandon Aiyuk’s Insane Catch Against The Lions On Repeat While Announcing The Pistons’ Starters

The San Francisco 49ers beating the Detroit Lions in the NFC Championship Game came in handy on Wednesday night. The Sacramento Kings played host to the Detroit Pistons, and thanks to the Niners’ thrilling comeback to punch their ticket to Super Bowl LVIII, the team had some pretty good ammunition to troll their opponents however they saw fit.

Specifically, Sacramento’s video folks had the opportunity to remind the Detroit faithful of one specific moment that changed the game: Brandon Aiyuk’s gigantic reception in the third quarter on what should have been an interception by the Lions. The Niners scored right after this, then scored again, and completed a comeback to earn a matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Someone with the Kings decided to use the Aiyuk in a pretty creative way, as it played on repeat while the Pistons’ starting lineup got announced before the game.

My favorite part is how this is happening at the same time that the piano intro to “Lose Yourself” is playing, because that is a pretty nice thing to do when a team from Detroit is coming into your building. But unfortunately, that was the extent of being nice that Sacramento decided to do here.