The Basketball World Reacted To Klay Thompson’s Awe-Inspiring 60-Point Game

Getty Image/Twitter

Klay Thompson had a slow start to the year as the Warriors looked to get Kevin Durant into the fold. The swingman, who famously said he wasn’t “sacrificing sh*t” with Durant on the team, has always been a streaky shooter. Even when he was struggling, there was always the sense he’d go off at any moment.

That moment was on Monday night against the Pacers, as Golden State exploded for 142 points in a blowout win. Thompson had 60 of those. In just 29 minutes.

His per minute average was right below Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game pace:

And he was the first person to score 60 points in three quarters since Kobe scored 62 before sitting out the fourth during a win over Dallas in Dec. 2005 (the same season as his 81-point game):

Klay, obviously, was pretty thrilled. And he chose to give credit to his teammates, which, I mean, sure. You can get 60 points on any team, but it’s a heck of a lot easier when your team is as good as the Warriors and you can’t be double-teamed.

(He wasn’t exaggerating all that much.)

That’s the beauty of this Warriors team. They’re incredible balanced – and were even before Durant entered the fray – but they’re unselfish. Sure they will have defensive problems, especially when it comes to defending the rim, and they’re an injury away from having a scary lack of depth. Those are hypotheticals, and things to worry about when playoff time comes. For now, it’s fun enjoying the fact that if one guy gets hot, the rest of the team lets him stay hot. And Klay was hot through three quarters.

The internet and the league at large, naturally, took it in stride.

Guess the Raiders picked a good game to attend.