Klay Thompson Got Ejected From Suns-Warriors Because He Kept Trash Talking Devin Booker

A very popular pick in the Western Conference Finals last year was a showdown between the Golden State Warriors and the Phoenix Suns. While Golden State ended up getting to that point, the Suns were stunned by the Dallas Mavericks, which prevented basketball fans from watching a showdown between an up-and-coming squad and the multi-time champions.

Tuesday night gave a glimpse into why that matchup was so highly-anticipated. While the two teams squared off in Phoenix in an early regular season game, tensions were high between the two sides, to the point that Klay Thompson actually got ejected from an NBA game for the first time in his NBA career. Something did not sit well with Thompson in one of his interactions with Devin Booker, and the two sharpshooting wings went back-and-forth to the point that the pair got hit with double technicals.

The camera cut away, but in that time, Thompson picked up a second technical while he was over on the bench, which led to him getting kicked out of the game. And while he made his way into the locker room, he made sure to get his money’s worth by continuing to say things to Phoenix’s bench.

It’s unclear what was said here, but the good news is we’ll get at least three more games between these division rivals this season.