Klay Thompson Backed Up His Big Paper Airplane Talk By Flying One At A Press Conference

11.29.16 1 year ago 2 Comments

There’s nothing worse than an athlete who talks a lot of trash and doesn’t back it up. If you guarantee a win or promise to shut down an opposing player and don’t do it, it makes everyone look bad.

Klay Thompson, showing all the signs of a student bored by a class that’s not advanced enough for him, chose to show his skills in something other than basketball Monday. At the conclusion of a press conference, he decided to make a paper plane. He also claimed that he made the “best” planes, so there was a lot riding on this.

His plane, unlike the Warriors when they had a 3-1 lead against the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals last year, delivered when the pressure was on. It reached the back of the room, a very impressive distance for a quickly made paper plane. Paper airplanes are a man’s league, and Klay wasn’t about to get his feelings hurt by making one in front of the media.

Afterward, Warriors players reportedly implored Kevin Durant to make more paper planes and that he can’t make too many paper planes. But Durant said he wants to spread the paper planes around so everyone can get their paper planes. What a team. (Okay, this didn’t happen.)

(KNBR on YouTube)

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