Klay Thompson Says ‘I Think I Could Have Beat [Steph]’ In The Three-Point Shootout

During the first round of the Three-Point Shootout as part of last night’s All-Star Saturday, Warriors off-guard Klay Thompson was the one ripping the nylon at a better rate than any of his peers. Thompson was the first-round leader against the best Three-Point Shootout field in NBA history. Then his teammate stole the show in the final round.

Per the Bay Area News Group, Thompson says he was “envious” of Steph but also called him the best shooter in the history of the game:

Thompson added he’ll be back next year and hopes Curry returns to defend his title. The third place finisher — who had a  low of 14  in the championship round— thinks he could have gotten 28, but it just wasn’t in the cards:

“I’ll be back, and hopefully against Steph,” Thompson told reporters.” He got me this year, man, but I’m looking forward to getting him.”

“I think I could have beat him,” Thompson said. “I could have gotten 28, but that’s alright. That’s the way the ball bounces, and I’m proud of him. I’m sure we’ll go against each other another time in our career.”

Another Dubs teammate who was at Barclays last night, Andre Iguodala, thinks Klay is the top shooter in the game today.

The Warriors backcourt is widely considered the best in the land. While Curry won the three-point contest last night, and has to be mentioned in any MVP discussion so far this year,  Klay has developed a nice game going to the hoop, adding to his elite shooting and defense. We love the little runner he can bank in against almost anyone because of his 6-7 frame.

When Thompson’s agent, Bill Duffy, named him the best two-way shooting guard in the NBA over the offseason, some laughed at the notion and claimed it was a negotiation ploy as he tried to secure a max extension for his client before the Halloween deadline.

Klay got his extension — though, it’s not technically the max — and Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley have seconded the notion put forth by Duffy over the summer.

The Dubs have the best record in the NBA, and coach Steve Kerr named Klay and James Harden as All-Star starters for the injured Blake Griffin and Kobe Bryant.

Perhaps that’s why even though Thompson lost and thinks he can beat Steph (you know he has during impromptu contests after practice), he can also be self-deprecating when he said of a rematch with Steph:

“Hopefully he’ll let me win next year.”

We don’t think he needs any help at all.

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