Klay Thompson Doesn’t Seem Terribly Excited About His New Signature Shoe


Klay Thompson‘s trip to China isn’t going as smoothly as he anticipated. First, a video emerged of him attempting to sample some sort of exotic local cuisine and immediately and involuntarily choking it back up as if it were the cinnamon challenge.

[protected-iframe id=”ab53b5e56942a75cdde5c066714ad330-60970621-79876632″ info=”http://video.weibo.com/player/1034:5a9717fd4c115f05dcfd52f5bcb66a67/v.swf” width=”480″ height=”480″]

Now, in a new Instagram post from the unveiling of his new signature sneaker by Chinese shoe company ANTA, Thompson looked like he was having a classic “What are those???” moment. In his defense, maybe the photographer caught him off guard or at a bad angle. He might be perfectly thrilled with the new baby-blue and gold team colorways for all we know.

But if not, it wouldn’t be the first time he seemed less than psyched about their product. During a game against the Milwaukee Bucks earlier this year, Thompson decided to rock an old pair of Nike Hyperdunk PEs instead, and because he just signed an endorsement deal with ANTA only weeks prior, he had to black out the signature Swoosh logo.

There have been whispers that it may have had to do with the issue of fit and comfort. Rajon Rondo, who also endorses the brand, briefly reverted to Nikes after signing with ANTA for a similar reason, and back in March, Chandler Parsons also openly wondered whether the ANTA shoes he wore contributed to an ankle injury he suffered.

But this is all speculation. Maybe they just need a little breaking in.

(via teamantaphil on IG)