The Knicks Are Learning To Compete, Now They Have To Learn How To Win

10.27.18 5 months ago

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NEW YORK — I spent some time with a few members of my family over the summer. A conversation about football morphed into a conversation about basketball, and one relative — your run-of-the-mill, long-suffering Knicks fan — asked the question that every New York fan asks every August.

“Are the Knicks going to be any good this year?”

The answer was easy, but there was a caveat.

“No,” I replied. “But you’re going to love how hard this team plays.”

That was the case on Friday night, as the Knicks — the Knicks! — absolutely took it to the Warriors. Sure, Golden State lacked the crispness that we’ve seen a billion times out of teams making cross-country trips for the first three quarters, but on every possession, the Knicks made it a point to fight on each end of the floor. And it showed up on the scoreboard, as New York took a lead into the fourth quarter against the champs.

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