We Had No. 8 Kobe Play No. 24 Kobe 1-On-1 In ‘NBA 2K18’ And It Wasn’t Even Close

12.19.17 3 months ago

NBA 2K18

Kobe Bryant had both of his jerseys retired on Monday night at Staples Center as the Lakers took on the Warriors. The ceremony at halftime honored Bryant and reminded everyone of how his 20-year career was split between the No. 8 and the No. 24 evenly, with a tremendous amount of accolades and success on either side of that dividing line.

Throughout Monday, fans, media, former players, and even Kobe himself debated which version was better. There were those that looked at the three championships of No. 8 and his incredible bounce and athleticism as the decider. Others, including Kobe himself, prefer the older veteran in the No. 24.

There’s no way of really knowing which version was better, but we can try our best to figure it out through the best option at our disposal: NBA 2K18. To determine which Kobe is the best, we put No. 8 Kobe up against No. 24 Kobe in a Best of 3 series of 1-on-1 games and let the virtual Mambas battle it out for supremacy.

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