How Is Kobe Bryant Adjusting To His New Role? ‘Why The Hell Would I Like Setting The Offense Up?’

Let’s check in with Kobe Bryant and see how he’s adjusting to his new playmaking, non-ball-handling role in the Los Angeles Lakers offense.

Awesome! Looks like everything is going super great! Wait, what’s that? This deserves nuance? Fine, if you insist.

The Lakers are one of the most well-covered teams in professional sports, and ever since Bryant’s role change was announced, he’s likely been asked about it hundreds of times in hundreds of different variations. By now, even though we’re just barely into training camp, he’s probably pretty tired of having to answer the question over and over and over again. Of course he’s not going to stop scoring just because he might be a primary playmaker – he’s Kobe Bryant! He was born to score, and even in this diminished capacity, it’s still his natural instinct.

Plus, the Lakers seem to have a budding star floor general in rookie D’Angelo Russell. After years of playing with non-playmaking point guards, Bryant’s thankful to have someone he can trust with the ball besides himself.

Kobe Bryant, lavishing praise upon a teammate, and a rookie at that? What’s next? Are they going to be best friends, nigh inseparable?

Oh, okay. Same old Kobe. Good. That was getting weird there for a minute.