Is Kobe Bryant’s Next Big Step Joining Shaq, Kenny, and Chuck On ‘Inside The NBA?’

It’s only been days since the Black Mamba went out in glorious fashion, but he is already being recruited like he’s in high school all over again. This time instead of on the court, it’s at the broadcast desk with Ernie, Kenny, Shaq and Charles.

According to TMZ, it is Kenny Smith’s dream for Kobe to join them on Inside the NBA. Earlier in the season, Kenny offered Kobe a job because “he’s not making the playoffs,” but now that he is officially retired the offers are much more serious.

A source of TMZ’s says Kobe is still evaluating all offers and hasn’t made any decision yet.

Some of Kobe’s options could include spending time with the kids, touring internationally, coaching, joining a front office, fly fishing, golfing, a TED talk about being competitive (why not?) rapping again (ha) – the list goes on and on.

Being on the panel of Inside the NBA does sound like a good idea, though, at least until you think about the last time Kobe and Shaq were on the same team. We know they have sort of made amends since their glory days with the Lakers, but working together again is a whole different thing entirely.

Is Kobe going to get competitive about time on screens? Is he going to be good with analysis or have witty comments on “shaqtin-a-fool” or tell us about “all those big women” in San Antonio?

Kobe would likely make a good addition to the team, but at the same time, the bench is already pretty full and we all know Kobe needs the spotlight. Either way, from a fan’s point of view it will certainly be interesting to see where Kobe goes from here.