Kobe Bryant Threw Nick Young’s Adidas In The Trash Instead Of Signing Them

04.14.16 3 years ago 4 Comments
Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

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It’s been a whirlwind few days for Kobe Bryant. Not only did the Lakers star drop 60 points on 50 shots in his final NBA game on Wednesday night, but he’s also been the subject of many, many tributes from countless players around the league — including current and former teammates.

Although it’s clear they respect his career achievements, it’s not exactly a secret that Kobe hasn’t been the nicest guy in the world to a lot of his teammates. Many of them have spoken publicly about how mean Kobe was to them during their time together — some of them can’t STOP talking about it — but we may have gotten our final Jerk Kobe moment after Wednesday’s victory over the Utah Jazz.

The victim? Nick Young.

Ouch. That’s some serious brand loyalty from Kobe, and I’m sure Nike will be quite glad to hear that he refuses to sign their competitor’s products. But did he really have to throw them in the trash? I mean, that seems a bit excessive. I guess Kobe was hell-bent on going full Kobe in all aspects of his final night.

Considering another Lakers teammate essentially threw Young’s relationship in the trash earlier in the year, it’s been a tough final stretch to the season for Swaggy.

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